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Kristy & Calen Rhome

I believe that God brings certain people into your life for a reason and I can’t help but think that Kristy and Calen Rhome were brought in my life to inspire me not only with their love for each other but also with there creativity. Kristy and Calen have been dear friends of mine ever since I moved to Orlando, Florida a little over a year ago. Some of our mutual friends always make jokes about how we don’t think Kristy and Calen are “real” people just because their love for each other is beyond more lovely than we have ever witnessed! They are also lovely wedding videographers (www.whiteinrevery.com) and I always find it so fun to work alongside them at weddings. Kristy and Calen have been dating since around the age of fifteen and have been married for almost two years now! I feel so blessed to call them my best friends :)

A little photo shoot fun that we had on a blueberry farm in Lufkin, Texas! 

(Source: darlingjuliet.com)


My best friend, Kristine, has a little sister named Corban whom I got to spend a lot of time with while I was visiting Lufkin, Texas. Corban has such a big heart for animals (even BUGS!) We had a little photo shoot one of the days I was there and got to play with Corban’s bunnies, hens and pup!

(Source: darlingjuliet.com)

Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh